Soil Test Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory digital planetary mixer

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-SL-042

Origin: India

A robust device for the efficient mixing of asphalt mixes, this model is a table mounted unit with planetary mixing action and a bowl and whisk
that are easily fitted and removed. The front grill, when opened, automatically stops the machine for operator protection conforming to CE requirements.
The machine is supplied complete with bowl and whisk.
The machine operates with a dedicated and easy to use display and keyboard interface. Mixing speed can be easily selected (also adjustable during mixing).
The digital planetary mixer mixer can be used as part of your Super pave performance based testing program
Laboratory digital planetary mixer
  • Planetary speeds: user defined from 5 to 65 rpm
  • Whisk speed: user defined from 12 to 149 rpm
  • Bowl capacity: 5 litres
  • Alphanumeric display 2 x 16 characters
  • Power: 370 W
  • Overall dimensions: 465 x 540 x 620 mm (l x d x h)
  • Weight:35 kg (approx.)

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