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J Ring Apparatus

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-CT-012

Origin: India

Standards: ASTM C1621, ASTM C1621M, ASTM C1611

General Properties:

The J-ring test can be used to determine the passing ability of self-consolidating concrete. It is applicable for laboratory use in testing different concrete mixtures for passing ability or can be used in the field as a quality control test. It is typical to also perform a slump flow test with the J-ring test. This test is similar to the J-ring except the J-ring is not used. The difference between the results of the two tests provides an indicator of the passing ability of the concrete.Designed for durability, J-ring set includes a slump cone, J-ring with smooth or rebar rods and steel base plate with engraved positioning rings.

J Ring Apparatus

The J-Ring test is used for determining the passing ability, the flow spread and the flow time of self compacting concrete as the concrete flows through the JRing apparatus. The J-Ring narrow gap with ø18 mm x 16 smooth bars is manufactured from stainless steel. The Slump Cone is made from sheet steel protected against corrosion, with diameters; top 100 mm, base 200 mm and with a height of 300 mm. The Base plate is 900x900x3 mm square, made of stainless steel with engraved circles of 200 mm and 500 mm diameter conforming to EN 12350- 8. The Steel weighted collar is used to stabilize the slump cone on J-Ring or slump flow tests. Minimum apparatus for the J-Ring test are J-Ring with narrow gap and slump cone.

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