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DESCRIPTION: An inside micrometer, also known as an internal micrometer, is a precision instrument for measuring the inside dimension of an object, such as the diameter of a hole or the width of a groove. A micrometer caliper with the points turned outward for measuring the internal dimensions of an object.


  • Wide range of ID measurements with interchangeable rods.
  • Each interchangeable rod is marked with its measuring range.
  • The sizes of interchangeable rods can be adjusted with spacing collars.
  • Both micrometer head and furnished rods are satin-chrome finished throughout.
Internal Micrometer Manual


  • Metric Model
    Accuracy: ±(6+L/50)µm*
    L=Maximum measuring length (mm) Fraction rounded up
  • Inch Model
    R=Maximum measuring length (inch)
  • Fraction rounded up
    Graduation: 0.01mm or .001″

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