Concrete testing machine

Hydraulic shrinkage mould 40x40x160 mm

Make: LabTek

Model: SL-2060

Origin: India

Standards: EN 12617-4 | EN 12808-4 | NF P15-413

General Properties:

This version is used for the determination of linear shrinkage of cement mortars (EN 12617-4). The same mould can be used for testing grouts conforming to EN 12808-4 replacing the standard plugs with the mould and placing two 15x40x160 mm plastic inserts inside each compartment. See accessories. Three gang mould, individually tested with certified instruments. Made of special alloy steel, minimum hardness HV200. The shrinkage measurement has to be done with the Length comparator with the .

This version, conforming to UNI 6687, slightly differ from other version and it is used for the same determination.

Weight approx.: 12 kg

Hydraulic shrinkage mould 40x40x160 mm

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