Workshop Machines

Hydraulic Press Machine

Make – LabTek

Model – WS – 062

  • Structure

The Presses have good rigid structure for accurate works.

  • Power Pack Unit

Our Presses are powered by specially designed Power Pack Unit having Oil Breather (Hydroline), Oil Level Indicator (Hydroline), Suction Strainer (Hydroline), Gear Pump (Bosch Rexroth), Flexible Coupling (Jeck Tech), Electric Motor (Crompton / Siemens), Hand Lever operated Direction Control Valve (Bosch Rexroth), Pressure Gauge (Air Master), Return Line Filter (Hydroline), Oil Tank (without oil), Internal & External Pipe Line etc.

  • Hydraulic Cylinder

Our Presses are powered by specially designed Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders. Cylinders manufactured out of quality steel. Cylinder Bores will be honed to mirror finish or long life of piston seals. All chevron seals & bronze strip used for leak proof performance. Ram will be made from EN-8 material & surface ground hardened for long life of seals & corrosion resistance.

Hydraulic Press
Capacity in TonnesBed SizeThroatDay-LightStrokeMotor H.P.

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