Laboratory Equipment

High Temperature Furnace (Up To 1400° C)

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-026

Origin: India

Furnaces are offered in standard sizes from 0.5 to 7.5 cubic feet for applications to 2350 °F. All furnaces are ruggedly constructed and energy efficient, and a wide range of temperature controls are offered for every type of use. Custom features and sizes are also available upon request.

  • All furnaces are built with 3″ premium insulating firebrick and 1″ fiber board to permit rapid firing.
  • Elements are protected in dropped recessed side wall grooves to provide even heating, longer life, and easy replacement.
  • Outer shells are constructed using stainless steel to improve the casing resistance to high temperatures.
  • Front-loading and top-loading door styles are offered.
  • Alternate power requirements for domestic and international use are easily accommodated.
  • Replacement elements are available on a just-in-time basis.
  • All models are built with a standard multi-step temperature controller.
High Temperature Furnace Up To 1400° C
                Inside Dimensions

                   8.50” x 9.00” x 8.75”

                  13.00” x 13.50” x 8.75”

                 22.00” x 22.00” x 13.50”
                 Inside Dimensions

                   15.00” x 18.00” x 15.00”

                    17.00” x 17.00” x 20.00”

                   21.50” x 21.50” x 24.50”

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