Bitumen Testing lab equipment

High capacity sieve shaker

Make: LabTek

Model: SL-2060

Origin: India

Standards: EN 932-5

Specification: Ideal for sizing large quantities of crushed stones, sand, gravel, slag, coal, coke, ores, pellets and similar materials. The sieve shaker has a capacity of about 30 liters (1ft³) of sample. Enabling from two to seven separations simultaneously. The vibrating units consists of interlocking spaces, which support and separate the screen trays. An equal clearance among trays allows an indipendent removal of each tray. Holds six screen trays-see Screen trays- 457x660x75 mm size, and one dustpan. Screen trays have to be ordered separately. The shaker can be completed with the soundproof and security cabinet, recommended for use in the CE countries. See accessories.

High capacity sieve shaker
  • Can separate up to 30 liters (1ft³) of aggregates (65 kg approx.)
  • Also suitable for sizing crushed stones, slag, coal, coke, ores, pellets etc.
  • Large selection of screen trays available, ASTM and EN standards. See screen trays

Power: 250/300 W (250 W at 220V, 60 Hz)
– Dimensions (approx.): 548x787x850 mm
– Tray dimensions: 457x660x75 mm
– Tray capacity: up to 30 liters (1ft³)
– Weight approx: 170 kg

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