Transportation engineering lab equipment

Grid Sieves

Make: LabTek

Model: SL-2060

Origin: India

Standards: EN 933-3; NF P18-561; UNI 8520-18; NLT 354

Specification: For determination of particle shape Flakiness Index & Elongation of Aggregates are suitable only for hand sieving. these are made using aluminium frames and stainless steel rods of 5 mm dia. and comply fully with EN933-3:1997. size slot width 50.0, 40.0, 31.5, 25.0, 20.0, 16.0, 12.5, 10.0, 8.00, 6.30, 5.00, 4.00, 3.15, and 2.50 mm (set of 14 pcs).


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