Laboratory Equipment

Gauging Trowels

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-042

Origin: India

Brick Trowel: Slightly rounded, diamond-shaped blade / Designed for laying brick, laying block, tamping and cutting bricks Finishing Trowel: Large, flat rectangular blade / Used to smooth a surface after concrete has begun to set Gauging Trowel: Rounded tip, v-shaped back / Designed for gauging, or mixing in specified proportions, small amounts of quick set plaster. Margin Trowel: A tool with a V-shaped back but a rectangular front / Used to mix thinset and other material, for scooping and spreading material such as adhesives in tight spots. Magnesium Masonry Hand Float: Floating helps remove imperfections and produces a flatter surface.It also compacts the slab and the mortar at the surface in preparation for later finishing operations. Pointing Trowel: Smaller version of brick trowel / Used to separate concrete from the forms it is poured into, finishing joints in brick walls, and for spreading material in tight spots, filling in small cavities.


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