Applied Mechanics Lab Equipment

Fly Wheel Apparatus

Model No: AM-008


This apparatus is designed to demonstrate the working principle of fly wheel and its practical significance in industry. Fly wheel is used to store rotational energy when the supply of energy is more than the required, and delivers when requirement of energy is more than the supplied.

  1. Self contained.
  2. Wall mounting includes a pointer to the periphery of the wheel
  3. To demonstrate the Second law of motion and energy storage
  4. Running in ball bearings.
  5. A load hanger and cord supplied.
  6. 250mm x 30mm steel flywheel with engraved line on periphery
  7. Instruction manual for student and lecturer provided.
  8. Stop watch supplied
  9. Set of weights.
  10. Dimensions and Weight (excluding set of weights): 215 x 280 x 250 mm ; 19 kg (approx)
Fly Wheel Apparatus

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