Concrete testing Laboratory Equipment

Flow Table

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-CT-010

Origin: India

Standards: ASTM C230; EN 459-2, 1015-3

General Properties:

There are two models of the Cement Flow Table according to ASTM and EN standard. Both are used for determining the consistency of mortar, lime and cement specimens. Also  manual and motorized models are available.

The hand operated model is fitted with a hand wheel. The motor operated model is driven by a motor speed reducer through a mechanical coupling at the rate of 1 revolution per second. The number of drops is preset on a counter and the machine stops automatically at the end of the cycle.

EN model, the table is manufactured from stainless steel and has a 300 mm diameter table. The conical mould is made of brass and has dimensions of 100 mm base dia. x 70 mm top dia. x 60 mm height.

ASTM model; the table is manufactured from brass and has 254 mm diameter. The conical mould is made of brass has dimensions of 100 mm base dia. X 70 mm top dia. X 50 mm height. Both models are supplied complete with brass flow mould and tamper.

Flow Table

Table Diameter

254 mm

300 mm

Cone Base/Top Diameter

100.0 mm /70.0 mm

100.0mm /70.0 mm

Cone Height

50.0 mm

60.0 mm

Drop Height

12.7 mm

10.0 mm




260x260x270 mm


470x360x350 mm

Weight (approx.)


13 kg


36 kg


180 W ( Motorized )

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