Soil mechanics laboratory equipment

Field CBR test set

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-SL-010

Origin: India

Standards:ASTMD883 | D3668 | BS1377:4,1924 | AASHTOT193 |  CNRUNI10009 | NFP94-078

General description: CBR test can be performed not only in laboratory but also in-situ. LabTek proposes a dual purpose test assembly that, connected to the suitable accessories, can satisfy both needs:

  • for field testing, it includes all necessary components that, along with vehicle bracket, can be used for in-situ determination of bearing capacity of soils used in road construction.
  • alternatively, for laboratory testing, our frame can be assembled with the main components, to create a hand operated CBR machine.

Assembly for in-situ testing: The Field CBR test set includes the following components, that can be purchased individually as spare parts:

Field CBR test set
CodeDescriptionWeight [kg]
SUN-SL-010/0150 kN cap. mechanical jack8.5
 Ball seating for 34-T01121


40 kN cap. load ring4
 Adjustable CBR penetration piston2.2
 Adjustable dial gauge holder0.1
 Set of 3 extension rods and adapters33


Datum bar assembly including two tripod stands and a 1220 mm long aluminium bar7
 Penetration dial gauge, 30x 0.01 mm0.2


9 kg slotted surcharge9


4.5 kg slotted surcharge4.5
 4.5 kg anular surcharge4.5

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