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Falling Weight Deflectometer

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-BT-027

Origin: India

Specification: A Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) is used to measure the vertical deflection response of a surface to an impulse load. Precision load measurement and deflection sensors record the pavement surface characteristic, which is used to calculate pavement proper ties such as Bearing Capacity Layer Thickness E Moduli Expected Surface Life. FWD can also be used in determining the actual material used and in what combination to build the pavement surface. It also identifies voids underneath the surface or how two surfaces, typically concrete slabs, are in contact with each other.

FWD is user-friendly with an automatic self-check of results – data is easily transferred to PC via the USB memory key or by a direct connection. Our R D team is with more than 30 years’ experience on pavement testing machinery, well capable to customize the FWD specifications whatever on the hardware and software according to client’s requests.

Falling Weight Deflectometer

Main advantages:

  • More than 16 years R D experience we thank you for choosing FWD for the pavement testing.
  • The global quickest testing speed per point (3 drops) is ≤ 20 seconds, and available to reduce to ≤ 10s per point if fast measurement software applied. While other our local suppliers only could reach the testing speed per point(3 drops) to be about 40 seconds in average, even compare to imported FWD with the testing speed per point(3 drops) about 30seconds, FWD has the great advantage on the testing speed.
  • Larger deflection range: ± 3.5mm (± 5mm optional)
  • Multi load control including allowable load, allowable deflect height, target deflect length (specially for void testing)
  • Equipped operate software with GPS function to locate the testing position precisely.
  • Infrared + PT100 temperature monitor to test the atmosphere and pavement temperature
  • Intellective remind function of operate software to guide the driver to park the vehicle at the right testing location.
  • Fully-automatic one-key operation for operator when arrived at the testing location, also automatically to change into lock condition after testing process done.
  • High deflection accuracy based on unique laser absolute calibration.
  • Bisync lift platforms for FWD
  • Backup plan for each main function to guarantee better reliability.

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