Laboratory Equipment

Evaporating Dishes

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-020

Origin: India

Evaporating dishes are shallow open containers used for the evaporation of solutions and supernatant liquids to produce a concentrated solution or a solid precipitate of the dissolved substance. Evaporating dishes have a relatively flat shell and a large liquid surface that promotes evaporation, as well as a pouring spout that permits easy sample transfer. Most evaporating dishes are made of porcelain or borosilicate glass, which are non-reactive and can withstand heat from a Bunsen burner, but those made from other materials such as glassy carbon and PTFE are also available.

We sell sizes ranging from a 35 ml capacity to 200 ml. They’re made from thermally-stable porcelain that’s glazed inside for easy cleaning. Our watch glasses come in 65 mm or 100 mm capacity and are also useful for covering beakers to prevent condensation escape.

In a science lab, use porcelain evaporating dishes to heat chemical solutions and drive off the solvent, leaving behind the residual chemical solute. This is usually done by heating the evaporating dish over a burner.

Evaporating Dishes

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