HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER Laboratory Equipment


  • The present Set-up is designed to measure the emissivity of test plate. The test plate comprises of a mica heater sandwiched between two circular plates.
  • Black plate is identical with test plate, but its surface is blackened.
  • As all the physical properties, dimension and temperature are equal heat losses from both plates will be same except radiation loss.
  • Hence the input difference will be due to difference in emissivity.
  • Both plates are supported on individual brackets in a enclosure with one side glass to ensure steady atmospheric conditions.
  • Temperature Sensors are provided to measure the temperature of each plate and surrounding.
  • Electric Supply is given to heaters through separate variacs so that temperatures of both can be kept equal and is me asured with Digital Voltmeter and Digital Ammeter.


  • Determination of the Emissivity of a test plate.
  • Study the variation of emissivity of test plate with absolute temperature.
Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
01. Pipes
a. Diameter:150
b. Material:Brass
c. Heater:250W
d. Specimen:Black Body and Grey Body
02.Rectangular Duct
a. Material:MS with Power Coating Front Acrylic
03. Measuring Instruments
a. Digital Voltmeter Range:0 to 300 V
b. Digital Ammeter & Range:0 to 10 Amps
c. Digital Temperature Indicator with Selector switch
Range:Ambient to 199.9 Deg. C
04. Thermocouples:
a. Type:Cr. AI
b. Length:1 Mt.
05. Electronic Dimmer

Note: The Unit Is Self-Contained In All Respect Except Water And Power To The Unit

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