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Electronic Thermometer

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-034

Origin: India


This series of thermocouple thermometers are micro controller based testers. With very intuitive interface, the user can fully operate the tester without second thought. They are digitally calibrated for long time stability. The whole series are equipped with PC interface for advance applications.

  •  Timer function
  •  PC interface
  •  Auto power off
  •  Resolution 0.1°C; 0.1ºF
  •  Backlit LCD
  •  4 input channels (ZI 9032-B)
  •  4 readings display (ZI 9032-B)
Electronic Thermometer
Model SUN-034-A (1 Channel)SUN-034-B (4 Channel)
Range: K type:-200~1370°C; -328~2498°F-200~1370°C; -328~2498°F
Accuracy: ±0.1%+0.7°C; ±0.1%+1.4°F±0.3%+1°C; ±0.3%+2°F
Resolution:0.1°C; 0.1°F0.1°C; 0.1°F
Operation Temperature:0°C~50°C (<80%RH)0°C~50°C (<80%RH)
Storage Temperature: -20°C~60°C (<70%RH)-20°C~60°C (<70%RH)
Battery:9V x 19V x 1
Dimensions:184 x 64 x 30mm184 x 64 x 30mm

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