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The digital thickness gauge allows simple, quick and accurate thickness measurement and the measuring faces are hardened, ground and lapped. This thickness gauge features a large LCD display as well as a thumb level to lift the spindle.


  • Digital indicator is easy to use while also being quick and efficient.
  • It features a reversible anvil so it can measure concave surfaces such as lenses, a grip handle and thumb trigger that works with the spring loaded plunger to make the instrument fast and ergonomic.
  • Ceramic disc contact points
  • Protection Rating IP42
  • Data hold
  • Counting direction switchable
  • Battery SR 44 or LR 44
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°
Digital Thickness Gauge


  • Imperial/Metric conversion
  • Zero/ABS
  • Max measuring Depth: 30mm
  • Max measuring Depth: 30mm Resolution: 0.01mm/. 0005
  • Range (mm)     0-10 mm
  • Resolution (mm)         0.01 mm
  • Resolution (Inch)        0.0005 inch
  • Sub Type        Flat Anvil Type
  • Material          Ceramic Metallic Body
  • Overall Length (mm)   85 mm
  • Accuracy         ±20 μm

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