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Digital Penetrometer

A compact instrument, microprocessor controlled, using the latest technologies and programming tools. It includes a 6″ lateral touch screen display, intuitive and easy to use, which shows the penetration/time curve and can display and average up to 6 tests. 

The instrument reaches the test start point automatically, and it is supplied with an integrated led lamp.

The vertical movement is performed by a high precision stepper motor and measured by a contactless displacement transducer. The device also has the possibility to recall the vertical position for repeated tests.

The test should be performed placing the penetration cup in thermostatically controlled water, using a suitable device as our water bath with thermoregulator and immersed probe (see accessories).

The apparatus is supplied complete with outfit for penetration of bituminous materials (needle, needle holder, 50 g weight, 150 g additional weight and 6 containers), centering guide, anodized aluminium base plate with spirit level and adjustable leveling feet. USB flash drive for saving data and test reports included.

Automatic Digital Bitumen Penetrometer

Technical Specifications:

  • Programmable reference positions for holder assemby: 8
  • Programmable penetration time: 0-9999 sec
  • Programmable delay time: 0-999 sec
  • Penetration range: 0-50 mm
  • Penetration resolution: 0.01 mm
  • Tests simultaneously displayed: up to 6
  • Languages: English or Italian 
  • Connections: USB port for test database and Lan port for PC connection
  • Overall dimensions (wxdxh): 360x410x680 mm
  • Weight approx.: 21 Kg

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