Strength of material testing lab equipment

Impact Testing Machine-Digital


DESCRIPTION: Our offered machine is widely used to determine the anti-impact capability of metal materials under dynamic load. This machine is manufactured using the best quality raw material and latest technology as per the international standards. The offered machine is well known for its corrosion resistant finish, durable construction and longer service life.

  • Electronic digital display
  • Simple construction of pendulum izod so that izod or charpy machine, machine can build at sight
  • Interchangeable stickers for izod & charpy positions
  • Positive pendulum lock in izod & charpy positions
  • Safety guard for protection
  • A braking arrangement for stopping the pendulum
  • Optional printer interface
Impact Testing Machine-Digital


  • Suitable for Charpy & Izod Impact tests on various materials. Works on Pendulum principle.
  • Rigid designs of machine frame & other parts assure minimum energy absorption during fracture, which results in improved test accuracies.
  • The highly stressed & wearing parts like support blocks & strikers are of special alloy steels duly heat-treated.
  • Safety guard for the operator is provided.
  • Initial potential energy for Charpy is 300 Joules & for Izod is 170 Joules with a resolution of 0.5 Joules
  • Pendulum drop angle for Charpy is 140° & for Izod is 90°.


  • Caliper gauge for checking V notch for Izod & Charpy.
  • Templates for checking 10 x 10 mm cross-section of Izod / Charpy test specimen.
  • Depth notch gauge including V & U notch gauges for checking depth below V/U notch, angle and radius.
  • Izod support for 0.450″ dia Izod round specimen.
  • Self-centering tong for quick and accurate setting of Charpy test specimen.
  • ‘V’ notch milling cutter.


·       ModelSUN- 30SUN- 30 ESUN – 30 (ASTM) Charpy TestSUN – 1.5SUN- 0.5
Maximum Capacity300 J / 168 J300 J / 170 J300 J15 J5 J
Minimum Scale Graduation2 J0.5 J2 J0.1 J0.05 J
Overall Size (Approx.)1.65 m (H)
1.1 m x 0.45 mx
1.32 m X 0.45 m X
165 m (H)
1.4 x 0.5 m x
1.9 m (H)
0.5 x 0.3 m x
0.52 m (H)
0.5 x 0.3 m x
0.52 m (H)
Net Weight (Approx.)375 kg.375 kg.450 kg.70 kg.70 kg.

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