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Depth Gauge Dial Type


DESCRIPTION: A depth gauge is a pressure gauge that displays the equivalent depth in water. It is a piece of diving equipment often used by SCUBA divers. Most modern diving depth gauges have an electronic mechanism and digital display. Older types used a mechanical mechanism and analogue display.


  • Measurement range for series of 0 up to 8″, and resolution of 0.001″
  • Dial gauge provides precise and easily readable measurements in fine units
  • Made of hardened stainless steel, and base and measuring faces are hardened and lapped for durability and accuracy
  • Has fine adjustment screw for precise measurements
  • Optional wider extension base sold separately
Depth Gauge Dial Type


·      Dial Depth Gauge with Fine Adjustment,

·      Caliper Type,

·      0-8″ Range,

·      0.001″ Graduation,

·      +/-0.001″ Accuracy

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