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Computerised Reciprocating Pump Test Apparatus


 Model NO- TM-010


The “SUNLABTECH” designed and developed experimental unit provides the basic experiments to get to know the operating behavior and the important characteristic variables of piston pumps.

The test rig consists of a closed water circuit with water tank, a piston pumps with variable speed via a frequency converter and an air vessel. The piston of the pump is mounted in a transparent housing and can be observed during operation. The cycle that takes place (intake and discharge of water) can be shown clearly in the p-V diagram. The pulsating pressure curve of the pump can be damped with the aid of the air vessel. Flow rate and head are adjusted via a needle valve and overflow valve.

The experimental unit is fitted with sensors for pressure and flow rate. One pressure sensor measures the pressure at the outlet of the pump; another one measures the pressure in the inside of the cylinder. The position of the piston rod is measured by an angle sensor. This allows the determination of the cylinder volume. The microprocessor-based measuring technique is well protected in the housing. The measured values are transmitted directly to a PC via USB where they can be analyzed using the software included.


  • Principle of operation of a piston pump
  • Recording of pump characteristics
  • Pressure curves of delivery pressure and cylinder pressure
  • Influence of pulsation damping
  • Determination of efficiencies


  • Piston pump

Speed: 30…180min-1

Max. Flow rate: 135L/h

Max. Head: 40m

  • Drive motor

Power: 180W

  • Gear transmission ratio: 1=7,5
  • Measuring ranges

Pressure (cylinder): 0…5bar

Pressure (outlet): 0…5bar

Crank angle: 0…360°

Flow rate: 0,2…6L/min

  • 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
  • 230V, 60Hz, 1 phase; 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase



  • LxWxH: 670x590x740mm
  • Weight: approx. 49kg

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Computerised Reciprocating Pump Test Apparatus, plastic testing equipment manufacturer in india, testing equipments manufacturers, rubber testing equipment manufacturers india.

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