Concrete Testing Laboratory Equipment

Compaction Factor Test Apparatus

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-CT-004

Origin: India

Standards: IS7320&BS1881-102 ASTM C143,AASHTO T11

The compacting factor is the ratio between the weight of the partially compacted concrete and the weight of the fully compacted concrete. Supplied complete with tamping rod dia. mm 16×600 long.

Dimensions: 500x400x1510 mm
Weight: 55 kg

Consists of two conical hoppers attached on a cylinder, and everything is fixed on a robust steel frame

Each hopper is equipped with a hinge for a Quick Release mechanism

The apparatus is designed to perform the test in a more precise and accurate way

Compaction Factor Test Apparatus
Compaction Factor Apparatus

Compaction Factor Test for Concrete Workability

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-CT-005

Origin: India

Standards: BS 1881:103, IS:5515

Compaction factor test is the workability test for concrete conducted in laboratory. The compaction factor is the ratio of weights of partially compacted to fully compacted concrete. It was developed by Road Research Laboratory in United Kingdom and is used to determine the workability of concrete.

The compaction factor test is used for concrete which have low workability for which slump test is not suitable.


Compaction factor apparatus consists of trowels, hand scoop (15.2 cm long), a rod of steel or other suitable material (1.6 cm diameter, 61 cm long rounded at one end ) and a balance.

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