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CNC milling Machine

Specifications: Power Source:
200-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 3- Phase

X-axis-travel (longitudinal movement of table): 500 mm
Y-axis travel (cross movement of saddle): 400 mm
Z-axis travel (vertical movement of spindle head) : 300 mm

Working space (X-axis x Y-axis) : (650mm X 400mm)
Capacity of workpiece mass : 300kg (uniform load)
Working surface configuration : (3xT-slots size 14 mm pitch 125 mm)
Rapid traverse rate : 48 m/min (X,Y,Z)
Feedrate : 30000 mm/min
Machine size:
Machine height: 2236 mm
Floor space: 1615 mm X 2040 mm
Mass of machine: Approx. 2000 kg

CNC Milling machine

Control unit : FANUC Series 31
Controlled axis : 3-axis
Simultaneously controllable axis : 3-axis
High Response Velocity (HRV)
Rigid Tapping (M29)
Handwheel feed
Part program storage : 512kbyte
Registerable programs : 200
Operation panel : 10.4″ color LCD
I/O interface : RS-232C Interface
Back ground editing
Extended part program editing
AI programming function: On screen selection of instructions with guidance allows simpler programming. Minimum key strokes enables estimate of default value, optimal tool selection and choices of cutting conditions. Programming in the NC language is also available with AI programming.

–    Arbor (BT30) complete with Pull Stud
–    Automatic oil lubricating system
–    Working lamp
–    Air blow for chips
–    Signal Lamp (3 color)
–    Tool Holder locking device
–    Tool Setting Stand
–    Touch probe
–    200VAC +10 to -15% 3-phase, 50Hz +/- 16kVA
–    Tool length switch for automatic measurement
–    LED illumination
–    Coolant unit with chip flush

Tooling Package, Tooling Cabinet & Clamping Kit
–    England made 5 drawer c/w roller cabinet
“KENNEDY” brand, Model : KEN-594-5540K
–    Tool wagon for BT30
–    Clamping kit set
–    Tool holder locking device
–    Simple type tool setting stand (Vertical and horizontal type)
• User manual
• Technical manual
• Operating manual

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