Laboratory Equipment

CNC Milling Machine

Make SLBT Model SL-1561 Origin India

Technical Specifications

1). Axis: 3 or 4 plus spindle
2). Linear interpolation 3 out of 4 axis
3). Circular interpolation 2 out of 4 axis
4). Helical interpolation
5). Least input increment: 0.001mm
6). Decimal point programming
7). Parameter programming with mathematical and logical functions
8). Direct feed rate coding
9). Absolute/incremental data input
10). Metric/inch switching
11). Positioning linear and circular interpolation
12). Polar and Cartesian co-ordinates
13). Tool length and radius compensation
14). Labeling
15). Sub-programmes (8x nesting)
16). Programme call-up to other programmes (3x nesting)
17). Programme part repeats
18). Fixed programme cycles for drilling and milling
19). Cycles for milling pockets with variable contours
20). Mirror image, Datum shift, Co-ordinate rotation, Scaling
21). Rounding of corners derived from straight or arcs
22). Data transfer connection
23). Paraxial traversing
24). Part programme storage and editing (approx. 4000 blocks)
25). Background programming
26). Single block operation
27). Manual operation with digital readout
28). Feed rate and rapid traverse override
29). Battery backup f programmes
30). Adaptor cable with plugs and sockets
31). Programmed test
32). Programmed entry Heidenain language or ISO6983 format
33). Graphic simulation of machining program
34). Display modes in three planes, view with depth, 3D views
35). Display magnifies function
36). Keyboard type manual data input
37). CRT display


CNC Milling Machine

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