Benkelman Beam

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Benkelman Beam

Benkelman Beam

Make: LabTek

Model: SL-2060

Origin: India

Standards: AASHTO T 256

Specification: Lightweight Aluminium construction

  •  Ease of Transportation
  •  Unique Telescopic Design Simplifying Field set up
  •  Compact, Thereby reducing the amount of storage space needed

Benkelman Beam utilizes the technique of using balanced beam in conjunction with a suitable vehicle to measure road flexure The improved Benkelman Beam is a convenient, accurate device for measuring the deflection of flexible pavements under moving wheel loads. Operating on a simple lever arm principle, the unit consists. Supplied with carrying case
Note: Benkelman Beam with Digital Dial Gauge also available atan extra cost

benkelman beam test apparatus, benkelman beam apparatus, benkelman beam deflection instrument, benkelman beam test equipment.

Surface deflection is measured as a pavement surface’s vertical deflected distance as a result of an applied (either static or dynamic) load. The more advanced measurement devices record this vertical deflection in multiple locations, which provides a more complete characterization of pavement deflection. The area of pavement deflection under and near the load application is collectively known as the “deflection basin”.

There are three broad categories of nondestructive deflection testing equipment:

  • Static deflections
  • Steady state deflections
  • Impact load deflections (FWD)

The general principle is to apply a load of known magnitude to the pavement surface and analyze the shape and magnitude of the deflection basin to assess the strength of the pavement structure.

It is developed at the Western Association of State Highway Organizations (WASHO) Road Test in 1952, is a simple device that operates on the lever arm principle. This is used with a loaded truck – typically 80 kN (18,000 lb) on a single axle with dual tires inflated to 480 to 550 kPa (70 to 80 psi). Measurement is made by placing the tip of the beam between the dual tires and measuring the pavement surface rebound as the truck is moved away.

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