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Bar Cutting Machine


TMT Cutting Machines, also known as Bar Cutting Machines are lightweight, easy in operation, yet very sturdy in structure. The dense building of this rebar equipment makes it ideal for a standard construction site.

Durable fast and easy to use, this machine gives a one-shot cutting operation with perfect cutting accuracy thus minimizing the use of labor and long drawn cutting process for single cuts. The extra characteristics of the Rebar Cutting Machine help save a great heap of money and time for the customer in vast quantity, thus increasing their output capability.

This workhorse knows no stop as it can be effectively put to use for a constant round-the-clock production.

Bar Cutting Machine

Technical Specifications: 

Kg/mm245Kg/mm265Kg/mm280Dimensions LxWxHWeight approx. 
C 289032816825126201010835 x 560 x 825 MM450 KG
C 3690536201032168251261050 x 600 x 920 MM480 KG
C 42905422512362010321681200 x 750 x 910 MM680 KG
C 52477.55232204225163620121300 x 710 x 940 MM770 KG
C 55407.55536284832284428201325 x 720 x 940 MM800 KG

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