Soil testing laboratory equipment

Balloon Density Apparatus

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-SL-019

Origin: India

Standards: ASTM D2167 | AASHTO T205

Specification: Used to determine the in-situ density of compacted or firmly bonded soils. The test set consists of a graduated cylinder 1596 ml capacity, housed inside an aluminium guard, a reversible rubber aspirator pump, a density plate 9” square and 12 rubber balloons.

  • Weight approx.: 6 kg
Balloon Density Apparatus

This method for determining the density of in-place compacted or firmly bonded soils uses a rubber balloon apparatus. It is not suitable for very soft soil that will deform under slight pressure or in which the volume of the hole cannot be maintained at a constant value.

The cylinder is high-strength plastic, threaded and open on both ends.Each cylinder is double graduated in cubic metres and cubic feet, minimum graduation is 7cm3 (.00025 cu. ft.). The apparatus features a pressure-vacuum pump assembly, pressure gauge, quick coupler valve, double-graduated cylinder, 10 balloons and a density plate.

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