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Axial Flow Pump Test Rig


 Model NO- TM-002


In an axial-flow pump the pumping medium flows through the impeller (here a propeller) in the axial direction. In axial-flow pumps, the pressure build-up is not achieved by the centrifugal force but like the aerodynamic principle, by the propeller blade. Therefore these pumps are also known as propeller pumps. They are not self-priming and the propeller must always be covered by the pumping medium. Axial propeller pumps are used when high flow rates and a small head are needed. The typical areas of application for propeller pumps are drainage systems, wastewater treatment plants and cooling water supply systems.

The trainer includes an axial propeller pump, a tank and pipelines with generously designed pipe cross-sections. The pump is powered in conjunction with the Universal Drive and Brake Unit. The closed water circuit means that the trainer can be used independently of the water system.

The trainer is equipped with measuring elements for the pressures at the inlet and outlet of the pump. A temperature sensor measures the water temperature. The flow rate is measured with an electromagnetic flow meter. The measured values are read from digital displays and can be transmitted simultaneously via USB directly to a PC, where they can be analyses using the software included


  • Closed water circuit
  • Digital display of flow rate, pressure and temperature
  • Determination of the pressure/volume characteristics
  • Determination of the power requirement of the pump
  • Determination of the hydraulic power
  • Determination of the efficiency
  • Determination of the head
  • Determination of the system characteristics


  • Pump

Output: 1000W at 1000min-1

Max. Flow rate: 700L/min

Max. Head: 1,75m

  • Tank: 160L
  • Measuring ranges
    flow rate: 0…1200L/min

Temperature: 0…100°C

Pressure (inlet): ±1bar

Pressure (outlet): 0…0,6bar

  • 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase


  • LxWxH: 1110x800x1380mm
  • Weight: approx. 154kg

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Axial Flow Pump Test Rig, Computerised Axial Flow Pump Test Rig, Axial Flow Pump Test bed, eddy current testing equipment, pulsed eddy current testing equipment, eddy current testing equipment for chiller tubes.

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