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Arc Welding Machine

Make – LabTek

Model – WS – 0110


Made in the advanced inverter technology with an inverter frequency up to 20KHZ, quick dynamic response in the inside electronic communication, high reliability and well-functions in welding process; capable of satisfying the tough requirements in the welding for the industrial engineering; highly reliable welding equipment.

No Load Loss: 100 Watt

High Duty Cycle and Powerful Welding Capacity, even maintain a stable welding status under the supply of 100 metre output cable.

Auto-Compensation-Function as to the power supply fluctuation, strong adaptability of anti-power-supply fluctuation and good shape seam; Excellent Anti-Stick Function within the whole current range.

Adaptable in the down-orientation welding with the cellulose electrode; adaptable in the welding application in different electrodes, especially good for the different low/medium steels, low alloy steels and stainless steel in different kinds of basic electrode.

Arc Welding Machines
Supply Voltage415VAC±15%
Input Power18.2 KVA
Frequency50/60 Hz
Weight33 Kg
Dimensions21.5x11x21.5 Inch
Power Factor0.93
Output Current Range40-400 Amp
Duty Cycle (%)60
Housing Protection GradeIP21
No Load Voltage68 V
Rated Input Current27.6 Amp
Current400 Amp

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