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The angle plate is made from high quality material that has been stabilized to prevent further movement or distortion. Slotted holes or “T” bolt slots are machined into the surfaces to enable the secure attachment or clamping of work pieces to the plate, and also of the plate to the worktable. Angle plates also may be used to hold the work piece square to the table during marking-out operations. Adjustable angle plates are also available for work pieces that need to be inclined, usually towards mailing cutter.

Angle Plates


  • The slots allow work to be easily fastened to the plate, and the plate to a fixture base or machine bed.
  • Manufactured from close-grained cast iron. BS: 5535 Grade B



  • Welded angle plate
  • 6 inchx5 inchx4-1/2 inch
  • Made of high tensile cast iron
  • Stress relieved
  • Two faces square within 0.002 inch per 6 inch

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