Concrete testing lab equipment

Air content meters

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-CL-025

Origin: India

Standards: EN 459-2 | EN 413-2 | EN 1015-7

General Descriptions: These apparatus have been designed to determine the bair content in cement  mortar, cement paste, and lime mortar. The testers are made of cast aluminium. The test pot and the upper part are sealed air-tight together by means of two quick-action spring clamps. The air ia compressed by means of a built-in hand pump. This air pump and the push buttons TEST and CORRECTION are arranged in a simple-to-use configuration on the front plate. The pressure gauge is installed recessed in the head of the meter. The scale has an indication range of o-50 volumetric %. The two models are practically identical except for the capacity. This model, 1 liter capacity, is conforming to the EN 459-2 whilst, 0.75 liter capacity is conforming to EN 413-2 standards. Both models can be supplied, on request, in the electric operated version.

  • Dimensions: 320 mm high, 20 mm dia.
  • Weight approx.: 3.5 kg
Air content meters

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