Concrete Testing Lab Equipment

Accelerated Curing Tank

Make: LabTek

Model: SL-2060

Origin: India

Standards: ASTM C684 | BS 1881:112

General Properties:

  • 24 Hour cycle from time of mixing.
  •  Controlled 35° C or 100° C ± 2° C Curing Temperature for concrete.
  •  Controlled 27° C ± 2° C Curing Temperature for grey cement.
Accelerated Curing Tank

This curing tank has been designed to accommodate 150mm / 70.6mm cube moulds and upto 36/72 cube mould can be cured in one go. The tank is fully insulated, comes complete with a hinged lid, heater, thermostat and re-circulated pump. Provision of two removable racks allows free circulation of water around each mould. The pump, drain valves and electrical equipment are housed in a compartment located at one end of the tank. The tank is heated by an immersion heater under normal conditions and refrigeration system for grey cement the temperature is controlled at 35° C or 100° C ± 2° C / 27° C +2° C,expect for the 15 minutes after immersion of the freshly made specimens. This special curing tanks have been designed for hot water curing or steam curing in accelerated strength concrete. The interior is made from stainless steel. The electronic programmer can control up to four test cycles with different thermal gradients and curing time to a defined temperature value for a complete automatic curing cycle. The control panel include a 28 column thermal printer.

Curing Tank for 6/12 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size
Curing Tank for 12/24 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size
Curing Tank for 24/48 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size
Curing Tank for 36/72 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size

Note: Accelerated curing tank with cooling arrangement is also available of request.

LabTek also manufactures concrete moulds used in curing and compression testing machine, to test the prepared concrete moulds. You may also be intersted in browsing the range of products used with this Curing Tank

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