Concrete testing machines

50 mm three gang cube mould

Make: LabTek

Model: SL-2060

Origin: India


General Descriptions:The 50 mm cube specimens are produced for compression test. The dimension is compatible with ASTM C109. Made from steel, precisely machined.

50 mm three gang cube mould

We can supply the following cement moulds. All mould dimensions and specifications comply with the related standards. All the moulds are made from steel and the internal surfaces are machined.

40x40x160 mm Three Gang Mould

50 mm Three Gang Cube Mould

70.7 mm Cube Mould

The 40x40x160 mm mould has the surface hardness to a minimum HV400.

The Two Gang Shrinkage Mould is used to measure the effect that aggregates have on the drying, shrinkage and length change of hardened cement paste, concrete and mortar. The Two Gang Shrinkage Mould is also used to determine the potential alkali reactivity of cement-aggregate combinations (mortar-bar method).

Reference rod should be ordered separately.

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