Electronics Engineering Lab Equipment

Electronics Engineering Lab Equipment

Sun LabTek is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Basic Electronics Engineering Lab Equipment 
and Training Kits. We offer wide range of educational training, 
skilling products and solutions for Electronics Engineering Lab and 
Electronics Engineering teaching equipment for Schools, Universities, 
Colleges and Vocational Training Institutes. Sun LabTek is a leading 
Basic Electronics Lab products and solution provider with a global footprint. 
We have a pan-India presence and export to more than 75 countries across the world.
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Digital electronics lab- Electronics Engineering Lab equipment
Verify truth tables of AND,OR,NOT,NAND,XOR gates
Implement Half adder and full adder gates.
Verify truth tables of SR,JK FF.
Full adder using NAND gate.
Full subtractor using 8:1 mux
MOD 10 counter
4 bit DAC using binary weighted resistance R-2R Laddar ntw
8 bit ADC using IC
Clipping and Clamping ckt kit
Use of 4 bit Register for shift left & right register as a ring counter
Digital logic gate kit
Flip flop counter kit.
Half adder and full adder trainer kit.
ADC & DAC ckt trainer.
Digital IC kit
Linear IC kit
Mux and Demux
Analog Digital trainer
Digital multimeter.


EMMI lab- Electronics Engineering Lab equipment

Trainer board for LVDT.
Trainer board for temp Transducer
Trainer for strain guage Transducer with base
Trainer for optical sensor transducer with base
Trainer for inductive pick up
Trainer for measurement of pressure
LCQR meter
Trainer for measurement of speed using magnetic pick up
Trainer for measurement of speed using photoelectric pick up
Trainer for measurement of distance using capacitive pickup
Trainer for strain gauge
Trainer for measurement of pressure using piezoelectric pick up

Microprocessor Lab- Electronics Engineering Lab equipment

Microprocessor trainer kit(8086)
ADC interface card
Elevator simulation card
IC tester card
Display interface card
Stepper motor control card
Keyboard interface card
LCD interface card
Traffic light controller
Temperature measurement kit
DC Motor controlled card
Relay 80 complex card
LED display interface card
Microprocessor Trainer kit(8085)
Microprocessor Trainer kit(8051)
Microcontroller development board with programmer


Basic electronics and analog lab- Electronics Engineering Lab equipment

Function Generator
DC Regulated supply
Op Amp Trainer
Anadigi Trainer
Digital Multimeter
Transister trainer
Analog multimeter
Trainer rectifier
Trainer Class A,B,C Amplifier
UJT Trainer
Distortion meter
Desoldering station
Soldering station
LCRQ Meter
Function generator
Distortion meter
Universal IC tester
DC Regulated supply
Side cutting plier
Flate plier
Nose plier
Screw driver set
Plier small
Drill Machine
Crimmping tool
PCB machine


Communication lab

PAM. PPM PWM, Modulation & Demodulation Trainer (
Sampling & Reconstruction technique Trainer/ kit
Adaptive Delta & Delta Sigma Modulation &
Demodulation Trainer / kit
Amplitude modulation Trainer / Kit
Amplitude Demodulation Trainer / Kit
Pulse code modulation Trainer / Kit
Trainer to study the T.D.M. with ( PAM)Modulation &
Demodulation Trainer ( kit )
Trainer to study the T.D.M. with ( P.C.M.) Transmitter &
Receiver ( kit
Trainer to study the Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) kit
Trainer to study the Phase     Shift Keying (FSK) kit
Screw Driver set
Neon Tester
Crimping tool
Flat Long Nose Plier
Long plier
Combination Plier
Cutter (Side)
Steel Tape
Drilling M/C-0-to 6mm
Drilling M/C-0-to 12mm
Hammer (Ball & Peen)
Digital multimeter
Soldering Station
Analog sampling &Reconstruction Kit
Function generator
Distortion Meter
Ana,Digi Trainer
Linear I.C trainer Kit
Amplitude modulation Trainer
Amplitude demodulation/Receiver Kit
Frequency demodulation /Receiver Kit
PAM/time Div. Multiplexer Mod. & demod. Kit
PAM,PWM,PPM, Mod. & demod. Kit
FDM Trans / receiver Kit
Delta Sigma Demodulation Kit
TDM / Pulse code Modulation kit
TDM / Pulse code de Modulation kit
Data conditioning Carrier kit
Data Re conditioning Carrier kit
Universal I.C. Kit
Digital Storage (oscilloscope )   ( DSO)
Function Generator & Frequency counter
Spectrum Analyzer
Allen Key
Socket Set
Compression Tool
Modular Table
Steel Rack
Green board
Godrej table
Godrej Chair
Conference chair


Power lab

Power semiconductor trainer
Trainer board to vary the frequency of an inverter circuit
Colour TV demonstration


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