Civil engineering lab equipment


Civil Engineering Lab Equipment

Sun LabTek Equipments India Private Limited is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Civil Engineering Lab Equipment. We offer a comprehensive range of Civil Engineering Lab Equipment, which are widely used in Schools, Colleges and Universities, quality testing laboratories. The Equipment has been widely appreciated for its superior quality and high efficiency.

civil engineering lab equipment

Civil Engineering Testing Laboratory Instruments Equipments Machines Suppliers, Exporters Manufacturers & Traders from India.

Civil Engineering Instruments Exporters from India. We supply Civil Engineering Instruments.

Soil Testing Equipments and Material Testing Machine Manufacturers, Cement Testing Equipments, Bitumen Testing Machine for Laboratory Testing. Sun LabTek Equipments India Private Limited are exporters for Bulk Buying Good Quality & Competitive Prices Equpments such as Direct Shear Apparatus Supplier, CBR Test Apparatus Manufacturer, Soil Testing Equipments, Plate Bearing Testing Apparatus, Survey Testing Equipments and Industrial Testing Equipments. LabTek are Producers, Manufacturers & Exporters of Civil Lab Soil Testing Equipments and Machine. Civil Lab Equipments – Civil Lab Testing Equipment , Civil Engineering Testing Equipment, Civil Lab Cement Testing Equipment , Civil Lab Aggregate Testing Equipment , Civil Lab Concrete Testing Equipments.

We are Manufacturing and exporting Applied Mechanics Equipment, Civil Engineering Lab Equipment, Fluid Machine Lab Equipment, Heat Transfer Lab Equipment, Hydraulic Machine Lab Equipment, Momentum Transfer Lab Equipment, Air Conditioning Lab Equipment, School Lab Equipment ,Theory Of Machine Lab Equipment, Thermo Dynamics Lab Equipment, Strength of Material Lab Equipment and other measuring scientific instrument.
Our main clientele consist of major Construction companies carrying our Road & Highway construction, commercial buildings & high scrapers, Rail Infrastructure & Bridges, Oil & Gas, Dams & Hydro Projects, Civil Engineering Colleges, Mining Industry & Irrigation sectors. Zeal International is always engrossed to give its clients continuous sales and service support as this had always been an investment to build a brand value in both domestic and international markets. All products are carefully handled through our quality management system to meet it as per standard specifications. Civil Engineering Lab Equipment Testing and calibration at each step is performed before final packing and dispatch from our warehouse to the designated consignees. Since inception, what has changed, is the diversification of our Product Range. What hasn’t changed, however is our commitment to precision and quality, because every micron counts in our business! We hereby proudly present The 10th Edition of detailed user-friendly¬†Civil Engineering Lab Equipment Catalogue including New Sections with Additional Products.
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